Since the kernel sources are too big to download just to package its headers, this repository serves the purpose of being a small repository where the headers are extracted. This also eliminates the requirement of rsync, which is used by the Linux kernel Makefile to install the headers.

To install the headers run the following:

make ARCH=$arch PREFIX=/usr install

This repository also provides the headers for the latest longterm support kernel under the branch lts, and tagged releases are made for each release. Only the latest LTS version series are supported.

Adding a new arch

Supported arches are x86, arm, arm64, powerpc, and openrisc. If you want to add a new arch edit the tools/install-headers script to include your architecture, and run the following on the repository root:

./tools/install-headers /path/to/kernel/tree

This will install the headers for the new arch to the include directory, and store architecture specific headers on include/asm-$ARCH.


The tools specific to this repository (i.e Makefile, tools/) are all on the public domain. I don't make any copyright claims on the header artifacts extracted from the Linux kernel, which is provided under GPL-2.0 WITH Linux-syscall-note.