CPT is the package management toolset written for Carbs Linux. Its aim is to provide a stable, powerful, and easily used library for package management that complements the tools that come with it. It has the following features:

  • POSIX shell library - with its shell library, it is really easy to create advanced scripts that wrap around the package manager and extend its functionality.

  • Powerful, but simple - even with the multitudes of functionalities that CPT provides, the tools provided aim to be as "low-interaction" as possible and get out of your way. No user should spend countless hours on wiki pages just to understand the proper way of installing a "masked" package. If the user seeks to modify the build of a package, easy tools should be provided, but those tools should not be required for basic functionality.

  • Simple packaging system - CPT has a easy to understand, simple, and static packaging system, that makes it really easy to write and maintain packages. Instead of complex PKGBUILD scripts or weird templates, packages are formed of multiple little files that are easily written and easily parsed, even without needing the help of the package manager itself.

  • Easy Repository Management - CPT makes it easy to create or use multiple repositories at the same time. Repositories are added and prioritised by the $CPT_PATH variable, an environment value that is already familiar to many users with the $PATH variable.

  • Serve repositories with your method - Package repositories can be served in a variety of formats, they can be either local, served with git, mercurial, fossil, or through the rsync method.

Latest Release: 7.0.2 (2023-02-05)